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They say the gym is the portal to good health.

Flab may be fearsome, especially to women. But while it can be a motivating factor to making time for exercise, it sure that doesn’t mean that the gym is not a scary place. That’s even more true for newcomers.

Garrett Training Systems understands that fitness-related apprehension is a thing. A solid roadblock to beginning a workout routine. That’s why the gym, located at Conroe/Willis, Texas, has made it a goal to ensure “feeling out of place” won’t stop anyone from joining.

Whether you’re looking for a personal trainer in Conroe but feeling gym jitters, or thinking that weight loss in Conroe is a pipe dream, Garrett Training Systems has got you covered.

Nervous about joining? Don’t fret. You’re not the only one. And you’d be happy to know that the fear isn’t insurmountable.


Fearing The Workout?

Personal Training Conroe
Can’t do a single push up?
Thinking the workout regimen’s gotta hurt?
Don’t have time to wait for results?

Feel like you look too fat for gym?


There are so many reasons to avoid the gym. Ironically, one of the more common reasons people fear the gym is they’re out of shape.

The common misconception is when you’re not fit, you’d get laughed out of there. That attempting to move in front of strangers is a daunting task. That’s just unfortunate.

After all, gyms are meant to help you get in shape. You’re not supposed to try getting in shape at home just to be able to go to the gym.

Plenty of people also feel intimidated by the huge open rooms with dozens of tough-looking machines. It’s even worse when there are gym members looking all fit and fab looking exactly like they know what they’re doing. It’s enough to throw even the more experienced exercisers for a loop.

Then you have to wonder, “What sort of torture will I be in for? Would I look silly doing those exercises? Am I even dressed right for this?!

If you’re just thinking of starting out an exercise regimen and unsure how to go about it, chances that thought have entered your mind. Maybe a few others too, like:

  • The confusing machinery – what are all those balls and bands and weight machines for?

  •    Aggressive salespeople – there’s just too much pressure to sign up be for women just looking to lose some weight?

Finally, how soon before you get bored with all of it and just stop?

Many Conroe personal trainers have seen the fear on their clients’ faces.  It’s perfectly normal to feel and experience all these, too. But that doesn’t mean you should let the fears rule you.

The Garrett Training Systems Advantage

Kevin S. Garrett Owner of Garrett Training Systems
Gyms and health clubs are set up in many different ways.
Some have open spaces with all the machines lined up next to each other or sprawled across the floor. Many of these equipment line windows so people can see in, too. If you’re looking for privacy during workouts, however, this may get uncomfortable.
Some have pushy sales people, or intimidating-looking gym regulars. Some may have programs that don’t only look intimidating, but also appears unattainable.
This is why at Garrett Training Systems, you are not forced to stick with one set program. There are so many ways to achieve your fitness goals, whether your target is to lose weight or something else.