15 Week Contest Prep

15 Week Contest Prep


Allison Preparing for the 2016 John Sherman Classic

Barbara Preparing for the 2017 Phil Heath 









If you’ve ever had the dream of stepping on stage or if you’re a continuing competitor, welcome.

We are here step by step to ensure that your show day will present you in your finest physique.

If you’re new to the competitive scene, don’t worry. We handle and schedule everything for you. We issue checklists and ensure that you are ready come show time.

For 15 weeks we include all training and nutritional phases of your competition preparation. Each week you will receive updates to your plan that will put you on track to stun the judges in your next show.

We also include all supplements and recovery work (deep tissue massage, static stretching, yoga, etc.)



The Process

Week 1-2

During Week1, we begin indicating your weaknesses and strengths in order to plan the next 15 weeks. Phase1 of the diet begins and a plan is put in place to adhere to the diet plan. The first measurements are taken and will continue every Monday and Friday.

Week 3-5

Over the next 5 weeks, water weight is dropped (and partially glycogen). With the water and fat loss the body begins to outline and slightly separate the appearance of the muscles.

Week 6-9

The most dramatic effects will begin to take place during the midway point. The body is defined enough to begin posing practice. Phase2 of the diet begins. At the end of Week9 we will design our suit and go in for our first fitting.

Week 10-11

Definition has begun to increase another notch. Phase2 of the diet will begin concentrating on the stubborn fat that prevents the body from going into the extreme leanness needed for the stage. By week 11 our final suit fitting should be complete.

Week 12

Posing will start becoming natural. The body begins the last phase of leanness.

Week 13

The body will be very close to the ideal leanness needed in order to step on stage.

Week 14

At 1-2 weeks out we should ideally be exactly where we want to be when we step on stage. 1-2 weeks out we will also complete our last dry run in full. We will also test our competition methods to ensure that your body is ideal for the prescribed plan. By this point we will begin Phase3 of the diet leading up to the competition.

Week 15

This is it “peak week.” All of the hard work and sacrifice you’ve made is about to pay off. Your nerves may be rattled, but we will coach you through every step of the process. We will take care of your tanning, hotel scheduling, membership dues, and handle every part of the process so that there is no worrying when it comes to checking into your show.

Although it may be intimidating at first, the world of physique competitions is a friendly and helpful place. Everyone has gone through the same grind to get here and there is a mutual respect among everyone.

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