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Conroe Personal Training


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Conroe Personal Training


If you’re looking for the best conroe personal training, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re having trouble losing weight, then we can develop a customized training and nutrition plan that fits your needs to accelerate your weight loss faster than ever before.

Or, if you’re looking to gain weight we can help you maximize quality weight gain with our signature training plans and a diet to get you looking great.


Our personal training sessions are only $15/session with a 1 month requirement (16 sessions).

We price match any other gym in Montgomery County that offers the same service by 10%. 

Conroe Personal Training

Our Mission

A scientifically based approach that adheres to each client’s needs as an indivual


Our mission is to help each individual client reach their desired goals, and also help educate each client on proper nutrition and physical fitness. With the array of fad diets, infomercials, and celebrity diets plaguing the fitness industry the true research and facts of nutrition and physical fitness have been shadowed.

The criteria of our training is be backed by scientific research. We do not integrate fad diets into our regimes. We do not rush into adding in the hottest trending (and unproven) ideas into our clients. Safety and results are the main priority that we adhere to

Many high traffic commercial gyms have lost these basic principles, but we strive to create these principles in each client.

We believe that if you adhere to only a single philosophy then you limit your ability to adapt to individual clients. We do not limit ourselves to being just a cross fit gym, a powerlifting house gym, or commercial gym.. We do not believe that there is a “one size fits all” diet or nutritional plan. There is a time and an individual need for any training and nutritional philosophy. We are a training center that adapts to a client’s needs for the correct regime and philosophy.

Every client we work with is unique. Each person has different needs, likes and dislikes, imbalances, and other extensive differences that create uniqueness in an individual. Our philosophy is to never rely on a  single philosophy. We work with each client to hone in on what their body needs to reach a desired goal.

We base each clients meal plans on foods they actually can enjoy eatingl. Some clients cannot spend 30 minutes to prepare each meal. Some clients simply love spending the time to cook and prepare their meals. We adhere to individual needs,taste, and availability. We take every detail into creating a perfect plan to fit your needs.

We believe that our center is creating a clean source of training. Our system meets each client’s expectations and results in rapid time.

Few gyms in America adhere to a scientifically based approach and a client’s needs first approach.

We believe that what we are creating is a new system in the fitness industry. A powerful system that only dedication and scientifically based knowledge in the trainer can provide.
Conroe Personal Training


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